Chad McBroom has been training in the Martial Arts for over 30 years.  In addition to the certifications listed above, Chad has also received extensive training in Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Silat, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and Ground Grappling.  Chad has been training law enforcement personnel in physical conditioning, defensive tactics, arrest techniques, intermediate weapons, use-of-force, firearms, emergency & pursuit driving, offensive driving techniques, high-center-gravity pursuit driving, vehicle stops, vehicle immobilization devices, protective security, and special weapons and tactics since 2000.  He has received trained in Firearms and Tactics at some of the world’s elite training schools, including: Thunder Ranch, Blackwater Training Center, Triple Canopy, V-TAC, Trident Concepts, TMACS, SHD Consulting, T1G, and Rescue Training, Inc.